Would you like an award?
Have you worked long and hard on your web site? Did you give your web visitors a truly unique and enjoyable experience? Then perhaps you deserve an award for your haunted website! What are you waiting for? Apply for one of my awards, and I will float by to visit your website soon. Good luck!

Read the rules first!
  • Your website must be Halloween, dark, gothic, paranormal, or horror related to win one of my awards. No pornography or Satanism worshipping sites please!
  • Your site must be free of broken links and images, easy to navigate, easy to view, and must contain some content (spelled correctly, of course... I'm an English teacher!).
  • Lastly, please link the award back to Linda's Haunted Halloween at

  • Apply for an award! Choose one that fits your website!









    (This cannot be requested, my choice!)

    To Win My "Webdesign Excellence Award!"

    Before I consider giving you my Webdesign Excellence Award, I will contact you to ask you some questions. What I will be looking for with this award are 3 or more of the following:

    1. Did you design and create the site yourself?
    2. Is there a higher level of HTML, JAVA, FLASH, or PERL used within your site showing a greater understanding of the craft?
    3. Did you create your own clipart, animations, or digital art?
    4. Is your website's overall design non-cluttered, not overly noisy, easy to navigate, easy to read, and artistic? There must be no broken graphics or links!
    5. Is your text edited? There must be no mispelled words, run-on sentences, or grammar errors. It is also a major no-no to write your sentences in all caps!

    Please e-mail your name, the number of your award choice, your URL, and tell my why you think your site deserves an award!

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