These photographs were taken in early November of 2004 in the Ferndale Cemetery, Humboldt County, CA. This graveyard is very old and dates back to 1852. It was first begun when the first pioneers came to our area! Why the tombstones look so tilted is that Humboldt County gets an average of 50 inches of rain each year. The ground becomes fairly saturated, and this causes the stones to settle and tip. Another interesting fact about this particular graveyard, is that it's a popular site for movies! So far, I know of 4 movies shot in the cemetery and Ferndale area: Salem's Lot, Halloween, Outbreak (with Dustin Hoffman), and The Magestic with Jim Carey! The cemetery is set on a slope and has that staircase appearance to it.

(All photos were enhanced in Photoshop)

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