What have we here? It must be Halloween Night! The skeletons are coming to life and dancing in the moonlight!

"The reason skeletons don't wear clothes?
Socks won't stay on boney toes.
And underwear just sags and slumps
When hanging from their bony rumps.
Shirts slide off their bony backs,
And pants drop like potato sacks;
and since they can't wear fancy stuff,
Skeletons walk 'round in the buff."

- Paul Duggan -


Watch out for these jokers! They love a good laugh... but at your expense!

One thing we know is that Halloween skeletons sure love to dance!

ARRRRR! Thar be pirates too!


     My precious! (A Gollum skeleton perhaps?)     

Are they dancing again? Insufferable skeletons!!!

Well I see they've finally settled down to eat. They could sure use some meat on their bones!

This is the way home!